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30 years experience in providing services to farmers and agri-businesses

Since 1996 John Crowley Consulting has provided strategic advice to farmers and agribusiness to support profitability, competitiveness, sustainability and personal goals by providing value added services. We provide a confidential independent professional service.

Our offices are located in the most intensive farming area in the country and our client base extends over Munster and South Leinster. Our close association with other service providers such as other Agri Consultants, Accountants, Analytical Laboratories, Legal Firms, Valuer’s, Engineers etc. allow us to provide a fully comprehensive service ‘’ one stop shop’’ to any farming business.

We specialise entirely in agricultural services which enables us to hone in on our specialist skills.The cost and timeline(s) of all services are discussed with the client initially and the consultant allocated will remain with the client to completion.

Availability is the cornerstone of any service industry.We will keep you fully appraised at all stages. We pride ourselves on our candor and will tell you as we see it. Initial assessment is on a without prejudice basis.

We appreciate feedback whether good or bad as it enables us to improve our business.